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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cheap attention

I have to take down the latest contribution from my viewer after he told me to do this and that. Just a reminder, if you want to post your pictures to me, please post everything! No need sending few pics of yourself asking for comment... and sent me another one... asking for comment... and another one... goddamn you think you're so speshul? I cannot do some three thread just for your head, body and cock respectively!

Did you know how much I got email from another viewers asking for more and more of you, I don't have time to explain to all of them, so Y U NO SEND ME ALL UR PIC?

And I'm very strict about this, if you threaten me to publish it to another blog, hey! Go on lah! Not that you're Masaki Koh or what, I no desperate for you lah! Boo!!!!

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