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Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Facebook

My old Facebook was controversial. Add me on my new account

Calvin Leong (click me!)

Uncut 6

Hello guys!

I know.. I know.. It has been so long since I posted something to this blog. Yes, I'm busy. SUPER busy with my life such that I rarely have time to online. I only can online in mamak lah, online in mamak cannot browse 'dirty' thing thus cannot update my blog lah... so sad isn't it?

I'm so sorry guys.. Right now I'm online using my boyfriend's hotspot (lol), he didn't like it much (I'm draining all his Internet quota!) Hehehhee... sorry dear!

I got some pics to share with you guys. Hope all of you enjoy it :)

PS: To be frank, I'm really short of money right now (student's life)... If you guys don't mind to contribute some of your wealth (lol) you can donate me via paypal... or just drop me an email at kawfee69@gmail.com (so I can subscribe to daily Internet and need not to go to mamak again to update my blog like what I'm doing right now hehehe)