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Monday, January 30, 2012

Utter failure

Hahahaha! It seems that someone is really having a pain in the ass right now.

As you can see in my previous entry, a blogger claimed to me that the video that I uploaded is his. Sampai buat entry bagai in his blog alahai... like I said, benda kalau dah kat Internet, everyone can claim that is theirs. Kalau tak nak, here's a tip: Tak payahlah hapload. Easy kan? Kalau setakat nak argue pasal date kau post lagi awal, alahai... did you know that Blogger allows you to change the date of an entry? Oh, you didn't.

Kalaulah betul pun, I think that is not really your video, but you also got it from somewhere and uploaded it in your blog and claimed that is yours. Then you stalked on my blog and butthurted about this.

And by the way, video tu dah lama aku ada dalam koleksi aku, aku dah hapload lama dah dalam blog aku as draft sebab nak caution pasal Internet connection yang selalu buat hal yang membuatkan aku takleh nak update belog ini *dalam satu nafas hahaha*

Here's the screenshot on his blog

Kacang dan copy? Seriously guys?

PS: Is it just me? Or did I just feel sad to this person right now? *sighs* Nevertheless, I am amused today because of this shit!

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