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Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to access Abnormal is Normal blog

(Untuk audiens Malaysia sahaja/For Malaysian audience only)

Hey hey heyyy...

I have got so many requests asking how can someone view Abnormal is Normal blog? Actually, I do know how to view that blog, but I keep forgetting to share with you gays eh guys hehee. Now that I remember, brace yourself for the ultimate weapon of viewing that blog lol XD

Okay back to the point, here's how. I wrote before that you need to use proxy, however the video could not be played in proxy mode. Now here's a better way. You see, my blog is also blocked by the Malaysian government, and you can bypass the restriction by changing the domain from .com to .co.uk

So, the same trick applies to this Abnormal is Normal blog. OK, What the fuck is this? What the heck are you blabbing about? I don't know anything about this geek shit. Calm down... I'm going to help you heheheh

So from here www.akumerdeka-otai.blogspot.com. You change the domain to .co.uk and you got www.akumerdeka-otai.blogspot.co.uk, and that's it! You have successfully bypassed the restriction!

And by the way, the owner of the blog doesn't update frequently more since last year. I think this is because he was threatened by you-know-who lahh, the Malaysian-PLUs-Must-Be-Destroyed-Hero wannabe. Hmmm I am just hoping for the best for me and my blog... I don't want to make my blog private because of the same reason Kak Ita (Hoodyboy) and others privated their blog... *sighed deeply in my heart...*

Any problems? Just ask me in the comment form below! Don't be afraid, I won't bite hehee

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